Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Life is full of weird and wonderful things – there must be a time where I can remember when I was free.

Freedom is many things to different people – to me freedom will come once I have fulfilled what I feel I need to achieve in life.

When we are young there is always a sense of freedom we have – no worries, no burdens. The world is what we make it.

There are a lot of things I have achieved thus far. And many more that I need to…

Friday, December 01, 2006

>MaSsIvE UpDaTe!<

Wellz Pplz... havent really been bloggin in a while... but theres lots which has happend since the last time...

Exams went well, better than I thought anyway. Passed 3/4; total opposite to last trimester...so real happy. Headed basically straight into the summer trimester MGMT101 is soooo boring.... COMP103 is the exact same. Taking papers over the summer was not a bright idea. Freedom however is not too far off. 15th Dec.

On that note... 1st Decemeber today. Feels unreal. Christmas is approaching fast and it still doesn't seem like its been a year since college. People already have their Christmas lights on their houses, some have put their trees up too.

Lately I have been told that I am considered Good looking, Lovely and have been told on many accounts that I've lost weight. Interesting developments. Haven't heard those things for quite a while. Its good to know. Increases self esteem I reckon.

Jaynesh may have a job lined up for me at Jav... im so stoked! Computer job here I come! Alastair managed to hook up internet from dwn stairs to my room wired. Its mint as.

Last Wednesday I caught up with Jessie & Ash at Paul's soccer game. It was good to talk to Ash. I think the first and last time I did, I was drunk. So this time round had a better conversation. Seeing Jessie was good too... she never comes to town so hardly see her.

Summer Hockey has started! Its Great I LOVE IT. I have no idea why I took the year off from it. We've been winning quite a bit. Only lost one game so far. 2nd on the table! GO Ewoks! Went Rollerblading with Tracey & Andy b4 hockey once... as usual Tracey has skills. Me on the other hand went flying into walls... Andy seemed to be doing good.

My short holiday to Auckland was GREAT. Caught up with my cuz's. Always great to see them :D

Anywayz its for me to hit the sack... lots of things to do tomorrow.



BTW - DHOOM 2 IS OUT!!! I must go see that soon. I wonder who I shall take... Lol

Sunday, October 29, 2006

>ThE WeekenD<

Well what can I say...the weekend was quite good...

Saturday I sat the Comp Exam.... :| .... It was average. I think I would have passed thou... I hope. I drove into uni...got my first parking ticket $12... meh Pops got one also... I was expecting it cos I thought the exam was only 2 hours... shit happens

Later watched some of Ben's Cricket game...that was quite good Chalk came along too...Came home got ready for the Halloween Party...Now this is where the fun started! :D Drove down to Ben's...walked in and Ben only had a Towel on and him & Chalk were drinkin already... Watching Ben get into his sisters Bikini is not recommended! Theres a few things that do not need to be seen by other Males...

Arrived at the party... Didn't recognise Tracey... best costume by far. Had some good times that nite... Jessie came after a while... Dressed as a Checkout Chick...Girl in uniform...very nice indeed :P...lol

Later that nite Matt got jumped by Ben it was sooo funny... I have fotos! Played some Rugger with Tracey & Matt in the hallway...OMG I swear Tracey is crazy strong...she took both me & matt out! Amazing stuff. And other stuff happend but im bored of doin this now....

Math on thursday... :| ... Hav to study hard...



Thursday, October 26, 2006

ThE EnD IS NeaR!!!!

Its been some time...

2 exams down...2 to go...both the hardest ones COMP & MATH!!! :|

Well not much has been going down...nothing that I really wanna talk about newayz...gym has been a killer...but thats expected...

CAN NOT WAIT TILL Dhoom 2 comes out!!! SO GOING TO SEE IT!!! It'll be the first movie I've been to in a long time...

Had a real good day dream today ...suprised me a lot actually...but neva you mind bout tht...



P.S. Tracey & Jessie Are Leaving...:'(

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

*-->LasT WeeK<--*

Well its the last week...only a day to go.

What can I say...this week has been alrite. Pretty much the norm. Althou we did go to Hellz yesterday for lunch, Jay, Pops, Jessie and I.

I really cant be stuffed writing anything...If u wanna kno then ask simple as A B C and I dont care wat it is.



Sunday, October 08, 2006

>ThE WeekenD<

Where can I start?

Its been so normal...with the exception of today of course...Friday work was boring as ended up playing on my laptop... thank god I was manager that night or my boss wouldn't be a very happy chap...Saturday got up late :D (much needed)...cleaned a few things around the house then it was off to work...again boring...but the new chef's food is absolutely devine...

Today (Sunday), was woken up by dad @ 8:30!!! :| Found out mum missed her flight...and we were cleaning the garage cos the day was gorgeous! Kinda got bored of that fast...so chatted online for a while...Jessie came over for bout 2 hours, first girl that's ever stepped foot into my house whom is not family...it was the fastest I've ever cleaned my room in the history of me! Amazing the motivation guests give you. Wells we just talked and listened to music...nothing out of the ordinary so no idea thankz...

Thats all for now folks...



Wednesday, October 04, 2006

_+ ThE LiL ThingS +_

The Lil things have been missed out...No one notices them...the insignificant things which are going on around us constantly...but I happen to...

Wellz yesterday was a bit of a downer...but it got better during the end of the day, went and saw a movie with T-MoNkEY @ Uni...we had a good talk so didn't really pay attention to it for a good 25-30mins so missed the plot...ahh wells. Dad bought hellz it was nice as.

Today was greatish...bad things first...didn't go to the gym...now good things...did my comp assignment is was actually quite enjoyable bcos I had jaynesh on my left teachin me and jessie on my left distracting me @ times (a much needed distraction from comp)...then spent the afternoon doin my tech & math whilst chatting away...then Dad came and picked Jaynesh & I up...trains were down so Dad decided to take Jaynesh home...on the way traffic got heavy so skipped dropping off Jay detoured to J-Ville went to Daawat ate dinner then dropped Jay home...Got home lounged while watchin comedies...now just chattin to Jessie & Jemz...tryin not to freeze to death :| ...

Peace...I hope it gets warm soon...